Medical Dressing Packaging

Analysing and improving usability in every detail.

This project was a cooperation with the medical company HARTMANN AG. Our job was to examine the existing dressings for securing intravenous cannulas (I.V. dressings) and improve their application. This included the shape of the dressing, the transfer ribbons and the packaging. The aim was to make the product itself and its application more clear and self-explanatory to the user and more comfortable for the patient.






 1. Information
The front of the packaging contains all the necessary details in an unrecognisable order. However most of that information is not needed for the practical use of the dressing but rather confusing.

2. Peel Packaging
The packaging opens all the way and the necessary force increases the risk for the dressing to drop out.








Envelope Packaging
The packaging is clearly divided into two halves and only the top one opens

Important Information
The important information is clearly gathered on the top half of the packaging

Necessary Information
The necessary but less important data is placed on the bottom half.

Safe Opening
Only half of the packaging opens and the dressing is secured from accidentally dropping out.

packaging new opening







Project Information
University: University of Applied Science, Schwäbisch Gmünd
Course: Process Design, Prof. Jürgen Held
Team: Gabriel Brückner, Friederike Glaser

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