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Turning a professional tool into something highly adaptive.

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This digital system camera for professional users was divided into its specific functional elements and redesigned for a modular setup.


Motivation for this concept was the possibility to adapt the camera to the very special demands and already existing equipment of Photographers. Also the option to individually access the functional components to upgrade or maintain them plays a key role.


Description 1-01

Display and Viewfinder
This module needs to be positioned at one end of the setup. It holds the swivelling screen and the optional electronic viewfinder.

This module holds the ergonomic grip, most of the manual control elements, and the battery.

This module houses the computer to process image data and the camera settings.Storage
The Module housing the storage is also separated so it can be easily updated to the latest technology (e.g. from Storage card to Solid State Drives).

Lens-Mount Module
Depending on the type of this module, lenses of different camera manufacturers can be used with this camera

The sensor can be rotated to capture landscape or portrait. This module can also easily be exchanged if a new technology is available.











Project Information
University: University of Applied Science, Schwäbisch Gmünd
Course: Product-Design, Prof. Christian Zimmermann
Team: Gabriel Brückner, Christoph Hiebinger, Johanna Gedeon, Bianca Koch, Jessica Lederer

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