Intravenous Dressing

Analyzing and improving usability in every detail.


This project was a cooperation with the medical company HARTMANN AG. Our job was to examine the existing dressings for securing intravenous cannulas (I.V. dressings) and improve their application. This included the shape of the dressing, the transfer ribbons and the packaging. The aim was to make the product itself and its application more clear and self-explanatory to the user and more comfortable for the patient.





 1. Notch for Cannula
The wedge shaped notch doesn’t fit well with the cannula. The dressing tends to come loose here first.

2. Transfer Ribbons
Confusing order and labeling of the transfer ribbons hampers removing them correctly and the application of the dressing.






1. Folded in Half
The size is reduced and the first step of unfolding makes the order of the application process a lot clearer. Only one transfer ribbon is needed.

2. Pull and Hold
The dot indicates the user to hold on to while the arrow communicates to remove a transfer ribbon. 

3. Notch for Cannula
The elongated hole embraces the cannula much better than the wedge shaped cut out.





Project Information
University: University of Applied Science, Schwäbisch Gmünd
Course: Process Design, Prof. Jürgen Held
Team: Gabriel Brückner, Friederike Glaser

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