Values Of Quality

Printing Redesinged

Research on the quality of products and the phrasing of a set of “Values of Quality” were the basis for this design of this computer printer.


Is quantity the new quality?

Nowadays we own more and more objects that seem to define our quality of life. But we don’t notice that in many cases the quality of these objects is gradually decreasing. Technical progress doesn’t necessarily cause an increase of product quality but quite often the opposite: the advanced technology is increasingly being used to manufacture products cheaper rather than improving their quality.

Computer Printers today?

Although paper consumption is still increasing, the market for consumer computer printers is heavily saturated and there is a lack of progress and real innovation that would allow for differentiation from the competition. The use of the ink cartridges as a lock-in system has led to a decrease in customer loyalty and satisfaction, since third-party manufacturers are able to provide them for a lot cheaper. Additionally, the suspicion of planned obsolescence and cheap tricks to reduce the functionality of the printers has harmed the reputation of most manufacturers.



The body allows for multiple ways of positioning and using the printer.

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