Carry on NYC

A conceptual Initiative to reduce the use of disposable carryout bags in NYC


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Disposable Bags are a Problem

Plastic bags pose a significant problem around the world and particularly in densely populated areas like NYC. In addition to littering streets, clogging drains and sewers, and costing the city a significant amount of money, disposable carryout bags also endanger the environment and wildlife.

Finding a Compromise

Considering the principal stakeholders from the production (Upstream), to the use (Instream), to the disposal (Downstream) of the plastic bags, the major facts and issues related to the current situation were found.

Opportunities for improvement were identified and a concept proposal was developed. This initiative is based on a combination of a fee on plastic bags, the distribution of the reusable CarryOn bag, a discount program for customers as well as an advertising campaign to raise public awareness.


The essence of the research and the project proposal was detailed in an infographic, including the benefits and prospects for each stakeholder. The document provides the necessary information for decision makers and other parties involved to consider alternative solutions to promote responsible initiatives.




Project Information
University: Pratt Institute, Brooklyn
Course: International Project, Prof. Katrin Mueller-Russo
Team: John Bertolaso, Gabriel Brückner

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