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A Communication device that makes global collaboration really convenient. Anywhere, anytime and in any situation


A weekend project with Students of the Global Innovation Design Course in three different locations: Tokyo, London, New York City.

How can we facilitate successful collaboration over different time zones? This concept explores existing tools for collaboration by creating a cohesive video with a team located in three different Cities, spanning 13 time zones.

The Video is a satirical promotion clip for this seemingly perfect new tool that enables a team member to join a global collaboration, no matter where they are, what time it is and what they are doing.

Connectus in action

Project Information
University: Keio University, Tokyo
Course: International Sprint Project
Team: Tokyo: John Bertolaso, Gabriel Brückner, Lucia Edde; London: Ray Fontaine, Dayna Mailach; New York City: Maya Seetharaman, Takuma Kishida

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