My Name is Gabriel Brückner and I am a Product Designer.

With a background in Industrial Design (BA) and Global Innovation Design (MA, MSc) I have worked on many different products and services, taking them from concept stage to working prototypes for user testing or design validation and to manufacturing or implementation. My expertise lies in the full scope of product development from the idea to the final product with a focus on functionality, clever engineering and tidy appearance. This process involves multiple iterations of prototyping to test aspects of usability, ergonomics, technical feasibility and aesthetics.
I have experience in working with many different materials and processes including plastics, metal, wood, ceramics, textiles, rapid prototyping, large scale manufacturing and more. My interests are in design for agriculture and sustainability with a focus on human centred solutions.

Curriculum Vitae


2016 – now Climate Edge (website)

Lead Designer, responsible for product development,
design for manufacturing, brand identity and product strategy.

2013 – 14 PearsonLloyd (website)

Design and model making for aircraft interior,
health care products and furniture.

2011 – 12 Goodwin Hartshorn (website)

Design and model making for kitchen appliances & tools
and lighting experiences.

2011 Design Wright (website)

Design and model making for modular furniture systems,
interior design and kitchen appliances & tools.

Global Innovation Design, MSc/MA

2014 – 2016 Royal College of Art (website), Imperial College, London (website)

 Masters programme with focus on design, engineering, technology and business and emphasis on internationally oriented design and innovation 

2015 Keio University, Tokyo (website)

Focus on information media, business management techniques,
storytelling methods and policy design.

2014 Pratt Institute, New York City (website)

Exposure to more traditional product design approach with emphasis
on model making and aesthetic principles and system design

Product Design, BA

2009 – 2013 University of Applied Sciences, Schwäbisch Gmünd (website)

 Foundations in product design and graphic design with an applied ‘form follows function’ approach. 

2012 Hongik University, Seoul (website)

Immersive experience in designing for cultural and societal differences, user behaviour and future urban living. 

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